The Association

The Waupaca Chain O' Lakes Association is a charitable organization with members dedicated to preserving these unique spring-fed lakes and their surrounding environment for present and for future generations of residents and visitors. 


The Association is a member of Wisconsin Lakes, a statewide non-profit organization working exclusively to protect and enhance the quality of Wisconsin’s 15,000 lakes. 

In addition to supporting the Waupaca Chain Skiers, the Association awards a scholarship to a graduating senior selected by the Waupaca High School Scholarship Foundation who plans to attend a two year technical college or four year university to pursue a degree in the field of Natural Resources/Environmental Studies. If you know a deserving Waupaca High senior planning to pursue environmental studies, encourage them to contact the Waupaca High School Scholarship Foundation.

Officers & Directors


Vice President                     


Executive Secretary        


Additional Directors 

Sharon Peterson

Bob Underberg

Susan Gaastra

Peggy Jesion

Rose Spaar

John Hebbring

John Miller

Carl Nelson          

Phil Peterson

Jan Behnke

Barry Gill

Lindsey Lewitzke

Association Committees

Communications Committee:  Purpose is to receive, gather and disburse information that educates, informs, and connects Association members and non-members.  The responsibilities of this committee include the annual newsletter, the Association’s website, and email blasts.


History Committee:  This group has a knowledge and/or interest in the history of the Chain O’Lakes and surrounding area.  Sharing an article via the newsletter or organizing an Association social gathering are a few ways to extend the historical information to other members. One committee member has an Association sponsored membership to the Waupaca Historical Society.


Neighborhood Chairpersons Committee:  Neighborhood Chairpersons provide an important link between the Association members and the Board of Directors, with the Neighborhood Chairpersons serving as ambassadors for the Association in the 33 Chain neighborhoods.  In addition to keeping in touch with Chain property owners, the Neighborhood Chairpersons deliver the Who’s Hoo, which includes updated contact and safety information.


Nominating Committee:  Consisting of the Association’s President and Vice President, the purpose of the committee is to establish and maintain a pool of interested Association members for potential Association Board seats.


Safety Committee: The purpose of the Safety Committee to provide and promote education and safety awareness for residents and visitors and to serve as a liaison between the Association and the Water Patrol/Sheriff’s Department and the DNR


Signs Committee:  The sign committee maintains the white lake signs located at lake borders designating whether the lake is slow-no wake and the green arrow signs for the Chain streets.  


Water Quality/ Invasive Species Committee:  The purpose of the committee is to be aware of issues regarding water quality and aquatic invasive species affecting the Chain.  In order to stay informed, committee members work with the DNR and the academic specialists from UW Oshkosh and Stevens Point, and regularly attend various meetings, including meetings held by the Lake District and the Land and Water Conservation Committee of Waupaca County, Wisconsin Lakes, and the Central Sands Water Action Coalition.

Zoning Committee:  This committee reports to the Board and members on actions and initiatives at the town, county and state levels with regard to shoreland zoning and general zoning that might impact Chain properties.