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Safety and Recreational Use 

This Committee is to provide and promote education and safety awareness for residents and visitors and to serve as a liaison between the Association and the Water Patrol/Sheriff’s Department, and the DNR.

Committee Chairs:  Carl Nelson, Rose Spaar

Kids Don't Float! 

The state Department of Natural Resources teamed up with the town of Farmington and Wuapaca Chain O'Lakes Association to provide a "Kids Don't Float life jacket loaner station at the Otter Drive boat landing.  Click here or on the picture to the right to read the WaupacaNOW July 6th, 2023 article.


2023 Wisconsin DNR Boat Safety Courses

The Waupaca Chain O'Lakes Association supported two Wisconsin DNR Boat Safety Courses for the 2023 boating season.  The classes were open to anyone, but are targeted for students 12 years and older.  To successfully pass the course students are required to have a minimum of 8 hours of class time and must score 80% or better on a 60 question exam.  The cost of the course is $10.00 per student and the Waupaca Chain O'Lakes Association reimbursed the course fee for all students 18 years and younger that successfully passed the course.

The classes were taught by Dan Johnson, Fawn Johnson, Carl Nelson, and Sam Gressel.  On the last day of the course we had support from local DNR Wardens.

A big thanks goes out to the Town of Farmington for the use their town hall.

To sign up for a boat safety course go to WI DNR GoWild and click on "Be Safe. Get Certified

Additional courses can be setup if there is enough interest - please contact Dan or Fawn Johnson at

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