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The Waupaca Chain O'Lakes Association is proud to hold the 2nd annual children's fishing derby.  This event is open to the Waupaca Chain O'Lakes Association children, grandchildren, and/or sponsored children aged 15 and under.  Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for the Chain O'Lakes environmental projects while fostering a sense of community.

The fishing derby will run from May 25th to September 4th 2024, and will offer 12 category winners, each with a $100 Chamber Gift Card prize.  To participate, registered participants must catch their fish on one of the 22 Waupaca Chain O'Lakes and submit a photo of themselves with their catch through the association's website.  Each participant can submit up to 5 photos of different catches for the contest.

Participants must register for the fishing derby and provide a $20.00 registration fee.  The online registration form can be found below, or downloaded here.  The $20.00 donation should be mailed to:

Waupaca Chain O'Lakes Association

PO Box 169

King, WI 54946

For a complete list of rules click here

Waupaca Chain O'Lakes 2024 Fishing Derby Entry Form
(best if done on a computer)

Thank for entering!  Don't forget to mail the registration fee!

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